Your unconscious habits and beliefs

Category: |  Date: March 28, 2021

People often ask me how and why hypnosis works and what it feels like.

The thing is that 90% of what we do is managed by our unconscious mind and our habits and the unconscious mind always thinks like a 4-5 year old. So effectively we are adults being managed by a toddler… and a toddler who throws tantrums (or cravings).

Your unconscious mind loves your various habits and beliefs so that even though you consciously want to make a change, you unconscious mind might not agree.

When you come to see me for hypnosis we talk first so that I understand what habits you link with the change you want to make. I need to know what is true for you.

I also need to know both why you want to change and why you do not.

Then I tailor your hypnosis just for you. I do not just read a standard script because your hypnosis must be for YOU to work properly.

Then as many of you already know, you sit in a very comfortable chair with your feet up, I play soft relaxing music and you relax. You probably close your eyes although this is not critical, and I talk to you. Actually I talk to your unconscious mind and help you convince it that you really do want to change that habit and break those connections with other habits.

You feel peaceful, like the feeling when you first wake up and you don’t really want to fully wake and get on with the day. You hear every word I say and you are in charge all the way. It is very different to the silly stunts you see on TV or on the stage. You are half asleep and half awake.

When you open your eyes again, making the change you want becomes so much easier regardless of whether it is quitting smoking, managing or even cutting out drinking excess alcohol, losing weight, coping with stress or even defusing full blown PTSD.