Your beliefs, thoughts and fears are powerful

Category: |  Date: April 21, 2021

Your beliefs, thoughts and fears are powerful, often damaging and you know that we all see things differently – which explains lots of disagreements of course. So how true are they? How did you develop your beliefs, thoughts and fears and more importantly are they helping you?

The thing is that these are largely taught to you by those around you… family, peers, teachers and many others.
In fact, we are really a lot like onions with the person we really are in the middle of many layers of accumulated ideas, beliefs, habits, fears and more.

Many of the problems my clients come with, are issues that are made so much worse by what they believe, the way that they look at the situation and how they limit themselves.

Many of the habits they want to change are also the result of habits copied from others, even imposed on them by others and the initial beliefs that this activity is going to be helpful, fun or even asserting independence (in the case of some habits started as teenagers).

You can choose to stop, look at some of your beliefs, thoughts and fears and why and how you developed them. Then decide whether some of these are helpful or unhelpful to you right now and how you can go about changing - if you wish.

You may find that simply reframing or choosing to change the way the way you think, believe or behave can do some of this… however

… in many cases and for deeply held fears and anxieties you probably need help to change, and this can be done using the very special hypnotic technique I use.

The thing is that deep-seated beliefs, fears, anxieties and trauma are held in your body, not just in your conscious mind, which is why they often seem irrational. They are held as feelings and often not even verbalised. And you can’t consciously overcome them.

Two things must happen to change and heal. You need to feel empowered and every cell in your body needs to feel that you are safe.

If you or someone you know is suffering from deep-seated fears, anxieties, unexplained anger or phobias that are limiting your life just STOP IT! Call me or simply book in