Wouldn’t it be wonderful

Category: |  Date: June 15, 2022

Let’s just imagine that you were able to change the way your brain and body work and heal simply by using your mind differently. To live the live you choose. I have not gone all Woo Woo, this is very practical self-help.

This is possible with hypnosis and self-hypnosis. Your mind is spread throughout your brain and your body... it’s not just something in your head, it is part your entire body, part of all the trillions of intelligent cells your body is made of.

Traumatic memories are held throughout the calls of your body and not filed away in your brain in many cases causing ongoing stress and anxiety. Often, they are not even verbalised, but they are still there and causing anxiety.  And it’s important to remember that illness or disease is just that... dis  ease or a lack of ease and surprise surprise... it affects our immune system.

Most of you know that I work predominantly to help people to quit harmful habits like smoking and to overcome anxiety because I have seen first hand how harmful both of these are. And because traumatised and bullied people so often insulate themselves by adding fat, I help with weight loss.

In my personal life I work on my body to allow it to heal itself. Over time my thin and often broken bones have taught me to manage pain effectively and I wrote about this recently and I love to help people to do this.  You can look it up on my blog https://www.quitquickadelaide.com/blog/

This year I’ve been busy calming my heart which was badly affected by the Pfizer booster. It’s nearly back to normal now with a regular rhythm most of the time although I still have a slightly higher heart rate.

Our bodies were designed with remarkable powers of self-healing if we get out of our own way and relax.

In the next week or so I am launching a very low-cost membership ($9 per month) where I help you to minimise stress by being able to understand and manage your mind. This will allow you to work on yourself with me as part of a safe and reliable group.

My business is about helping people to manage their mind and overcome problems and we can do this in a group for a very low cost.  Yes, I do want to continue seeing clients one-to-one in my clinic while also building an online group to help more people.

You can change the way your brain works simply by using your mind differently.  “It’s not me… it‘s my brain and I can change it”.  My brain is a computer, and it has been programmed by other people. And, by stuff that has happened.

You need to live the life you choose – not what someone else programmed for you.