Why are we sometimes easily distracted?

Category: |  Date: October 20, 2021

We all have an inbuilt attention grabbing part of our brain to protect us as do all animals. We need to have an alarm system to warn us of danger but in our modern life, the major alarm we need when we are sitting at our desks working is to get up and move more often.

I turn outlook and other reminders off for an hour or so when I am working unless I need to make an appointment on time. I make a list of what needs to be done then work through it. I love crossing done things off. This is my response to all the modern distractions vs my need to get things done. I aim to get up and move every hour.
All my life my mind has wandered off when I needed to pay attention. I learned early that if I sit in the back of a room I simply don’t pay real attention and I disappear into my own mind.

When I was in secondary school there was a system where we had a monthly mark reading then everyone moved desks and sat in mark order, so top of the class sat in the back row and the failures and near failures were in the front. As someone who was shortsighted, slightly deaf and very distractible I went from the back row to the front row and back each month. They never changed the system to suit… I was just deemed to be lazy.

My youngest daughter was similar, also short sighted and deaf in 1 ear, and I remember unsuccessfully arguing with her teacher to let him know that she was not the “very average” child he had assessed her to be. She drifted through school until about 2 months before the end of year 12 when she started to do some work and got the 5 As she wanted to get her into Medical School. We are currently all hoping for a similar miracle for my grandson who is in year 12.
The other side of the coin is that people who have suffered trauma are more distractable than the rest of the population. It is called hypervigilance.

Mindfulness training and meditation can be wonderful for many people but are dangerous for those who have had serious trauma because their nervous systems need to be constantly watching for danger.

Our high levels of community anxiety mean that a significant number of people are hypervigilant. This can be treated although meditation is not the universal answer.

I work with trauma because I personally know the incredible difference that proper treatment gives. I had PTSD from my earliest days that was worsened by 3 abusive marriages. My life was transformed, and I love helping others to discover this wonderful change.

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