When times are uncertain

Category: |  Date: April 6, 2022

When times are uncertain, and they certainly are uncertain, and it is not surprising that increasing numbers or people and children as feeling stressed and anxious.

We still have Covid, more frequent but less scary, we have elections, and the news is full of floods, wars, Chinese aggression plus supply chains and prices are affecting our everyday lives. Masks hide our faces and make it harder to trust people. Masks are especially harmful to very young children. Oh well, this is just life in 2022, but...

... what if any, memories, emotions or feelings get triggered for you when watch or hear the news?

These memories are frequently at the core of anxiety, covid weight, increased drinking and of a lot of illness.  

Yes, it sounds so good to turn back time to 2019 and go back to ‘normal’. But was that time really so good?

Memory is such a strange thing.  Every situation is seen differently by everyone and every time you open a memory it changes a bit.

I remember being so glad 2019 finished and looked forward to 2020. How did that work for me? And I can’t even remember why I was glad to finish 2019. I do remember having more freedom.

Some memories, traumatic ones, are never catalogued and stored properly.  Instead, the pain, hurt or fear are held in the body and not even verbalised. This is the background to being triggered by something you may not even be able to remember clearly or at all.  

Most of my life I was anxious about low flying planes but had no idea why.  Then while I was living in F.N.Qld, I was taking my kids plus 2 others home from Kindy. The other kid’s uncle was crop dusting a nearby paddock, recognised my car and decided to give the kids a thrill and buzzed my car, very low. 

When he landed the plane nearby and came running back to see why my car was off the road, he found all the kids lying in the ditch with me on top of them shivering in fear. I had no idea what had happened.  I don’t remember stopping the car or getting there.

I rang my parents when I got home to be told that I couldn’t have remembered. Apparently when I was 18 months old, I was on the back of my father’s bike when a German plane buzzed the road firing a machine gun. Dad threw his bike in one direction while he grabbed me, lay on top of me in the ditch. No I don’t consciously remember but my body certainly remembered as I automatically protected those kids.

Memory is a funny thing.

That wasn’t what I meant to talk about, but it is a good example of how things can trigger especially when things are as uncertain as now.

It’s not surprising that watching or hearing the news can trigger memories, emotions or feelings in some of you and this is at the core of anxiety, covid weight, increased drinking and of a lot of illness. Hypnosis can help defuse these past issues, even the ones you don’t really remember.  It’s very safe and enjoyable and you are in charge all the time.