When The World Seems Mad

Category: |  Date: August 18, 2021

Every time we watch the news or go anywhere, do anything, we find that our world and our lives have changed. Far from coming out of chaos, the uncertainty seems to be getting worse.

It is up to us all to recognise that we must hang on to hope.

The two things that humans find very difficult to manage are uncertainty and isolation. In Adelaide we are pretty well off although we do have restrictions and wear masks which increase our isolation because we can’t see each other’s facial expressions, hear what they are saying and feel as though we can breathe easily.

We can’t do a lot about about the uncertainty. It is what it is. It must have been much worse for out parents and grandparents as they lived through wars.

We need to let go of our fears and frustrations. My biggest tip is to turn off the news as much as possible because some politicians and the press love to build up the fear. Just don’t listen and let what you do hear go.
I’ve recorded a podcast that I am sharing with you to help with this.
And isolation can be difficult, especially for the elderly and singles. It is so important to stay connected. Zoom is great but I confess some days I get zoomed out.

I love my family calls with my overseas children every 2nd Sunday. It was interesting finding a time that works for London, NZ and Adelaide but so enjoyable. Such an improvement on communication when my family moved to Australia when I was 9 years old and we had to write.

Just keep working on staying in touch with others.

My very kindest regards


P.S. I am still here and open to help people either face to face or on zoom. And I have my online courses which are very cost effective. Only $57 per month for 12 months.