What really causes problems?

Category: |  Date: July 7, 2021

I help people to work with their unconscious mind to sort out what really causes problems. The thing is that the issue is never the real issue.

People come to me for anxiety… and there is an underlying reason.

When people come for weight loss, it is the same thing. What is the real issue, or series of issues that caused you to hold onto so much weight? Are you insulating yourself from something? If you are eating too much, or too often, there is a background reason.

Smoking and phobias also have a background reason they started the habit, or they can’t let it go.

The way I work, I do not want to delve endlessly into your past. It is not necessary. Your unconscious mind knows, and it can let it go so that you can move on. My job is to help you let your unconscious mind do what it needs to.

Cognitive therapy does not work effectively because your unconscious mind is always the boss and it is not possible for you to cognitively let go of issues that are stored by your unconscious mind. Plus the last thing that you really want to do is to go back and dredge up lots of old issues and pain.

All trauma is stored in the body and it is often just feelings, not even verbalised. These stored issues become toxic in your body over time causing illness in many.

So, let’s get back to the start… what really causes problems. Neither you nor I really need to know, we only need to help your body to let go.

This works, its quick and very effective.