What is quit smoking hypnosis about?

Category: |  Date: March 19, 2021

I am often asked to explain what quit smoking hypnotherapy is about and how this helps people to change this habit… so here we go…

Hypnosis is an education and communication process in which your unconscious mind and your conscious mind agree, and it happens when you are deeply relaxed – like that wonderful half awake and half asleep feeling when you first wake up.

I help you to become deeply relaxed and I make suggestions based on our pre-hypnosis discussions, so your hypnosis is tailored especially for you. This allows you to change your unconscious mind and make changes you want to really work for you.

When you are deeply relaxed, you can change those habits and belief systems. If you really want to change a habit, I can help you to do it.   Quit smoking is the classic example

NLP is another thing people ask about and this is a tool I use in quit smoking hypnotherapy because it improves communication by using careful language. NLP focuses on how people prefer to communicate. This is vital because our unconscious minds think like a small child and need the simpler language used in NLP.

Hypnotherapy focuses on identifying the problem behind your smoking NOW and finding the solution that you want; so that you are able to make that change in the quickest way possible.

Hypnotherapists are also very different from the increasing numbers of people who have simply done a 3 or 4 day ‘quit smoking’ course and been taught to read a script that works for a lot of people, but with no background training or understanding.