What is old is new and change is still scary

Category: |  Date: April 20, 2021

Change can be scary but it is often very rewarding.

I wrote this in 2017 and in updating my website there are no longer links to the old blog posts. The thing is that during 2020 and 2021we are coping with massive change.

It feels as if it is easier to stay put but if you feel as though you want something more, or if change is forced on you for any reason, it is about overcoming fear.

We have all had to cope with changes in life, as I am sure all of you have and some of these were very scary. Some of the changes have been very positive. Some of the Covid changes have taken us outside our comfort zones. I am glad I made many of those changes and that we have survived the covid scares.

The latest scary change is vaccination. I had my first jab nearly two months ago. For me it is a very worthwhile change because I have much more confidence seeing clients in my clinic and I am now planning a short visit to my daughter in New Zealand. That’s an exciting change. I also updated my website… definitely a scary change.

In 2017, my two cats were coping with change. They had a new cat door into the courtyard. It has a hinged door – apparently it was very scary… even for cats who can open a normal room door.

There have been even more changes in the animal world at my place. I moved to a smaller house, one cat died, and I now have a dog. Over the last 4 days I had 2 dogs because my daughter’s family was on a camping holiday. That cat was not impressed!

I have a couple of favourite quotes:

The first’/ is ‘The only thing that’s standing between you and your dreams is YOU!”

And my favourite is “cherish your visions and your dreams, because they are the children of your soul”. Don’t risk losing those wonderful children of your soul…

Often before you even try something…

You think “I CAN’T, I CAN’T, I CAN’T!”

It’s like it’s an automatic reflex. Well in a way it is… it is just some dud software preventing you from doing what you want.
But the fantastic thing is you can turn I CAN’T into I CAN!

Your brain is your computer and you can change how you think. You can choose to change this bit of software. It is really just a mind virus. Just imagine how good it will be when you learn how to change.

If you want help to:

• change a habit,
• cope with a problem in your life,
• cope with change at work
• get the confidence to retrain in a new area
• allow yourself to remain peaceful while family dramas rage around you (I often work with clients who need to cope with this)
• recover from past stress or trauma

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