What is addiction and how do you fix it?

Category: |  Date: March 28, 2021

An addiction may be for smoking, eating or drinking too much, over exercising and also compulsive thinking.
When you are addicted to something you feel as if:

♣ You no longer have the choice to stop.
♣ The addiction seems stronger than both you and your will power
♣ The addiction gives you a false sense of pleasure
♣ And then the pleasure invariably turns to some form of pain

To fix an addiction:-You first need to recognise you have a problemThen observe it and start to develop other habitsAn addiction is a crutch to help you cope with some other problem inside your mind and it is time to recognise this and take back control of your mind.

You must change your mind to stop the addiction – trying or hoping do not work.
You need an OFF switch and this is where hypnosis helps you.

Give me a call whatever your addiction.

♣ Smoking
♣ Drinking excessive alcohol
♣ Food to manage your weight on a long-term basis
♣ Anxiety and poor sleep, overactive thinking, or any other problem you many have.

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