Well this is different

Category: |  Date: November 16, 2021

I’m outside my comfort zone!  I started my business to help people and selling and marketing make me uncomfortable.

BUT... I can’t help people who don’t know what I am doing or offering.

So here goes.

I am promoting my special online course ‘Escape from Anxiety” and there is a video below explaining this some more and I will send more over the next few days.

Over the next week to 10 days, because I am promoting my online course, I will send a few extra emails with videos embedded.  Please forward them to others who may from them helpful.

Yes, I need to sell to make a living but remember my main purpose is to be helpful.

South Australia is opening its borders and with thousands of people in the eastern states being positive to covid we are bound to have cases here. As an older person I do need to take care while I continue to run my business and specially to help people who suffer from anxiety.

I’ve made some changes. Please only book online if you are not fully vaccinated, we can use zoom. I don't like mandatory vaccination, but I have promised my daughters that I will ask unvaccinated people to use zoom, which does work very effectively so long as you wear headphones and if you are using a Phone, please anchor it so that it doesn't fall off your lap leaving my hypnotising the ceiling