Well that was a mistake... I got conned

Category: , , |  Date: October 6, 2021

I made a big mistake and it has frustrated people who told me it is harder to connect with me and specially to book a time than it used to be. I’m sorry and I’m doing my best to sort it out. Please bear with me.

What happened is that towards the end of last year, I wanted to update my old website which was old fashioned and largely homemade… all true so I went to a new web developer who promised the earth.

That has been a disaster because while it looks pretty, it is hard to use and virtually impossible for me to change.

lients phone to say they want to book but can’t find how to. You have to hover over the silly lady at the side to reach a booking page, then scroll down past all the revolving blue sticks. Oh yes, there is a very small menu link top RHS but it is all but invisible on a mobile phone.

By the time I found out how bad it was, I had already paid several thousand dollars and he refused to change anything. I had to pay the rest and hope I could make changes later which turned out to be impossible.

A new much more user-friendly website will be up before the end of October I have been promised. Thank goodness. It’s been a learning experience that has lost clients and cost me a great deal of money.

Mean time just call me on 1300 88 3646 and my reception will give me you message quickly so that I can get back to you. This is more reliable than my mobile.

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