We are all over it...

Category: |  Date: December 8, 2021

One of my clients this week downloaded her feelings about ‘being over it’...  We are over the uncertainty. We are over missing family, and friends and holidays. We are sick of wearing masks, checking in and now also proving vaccine status...

The list goes on and I agree. 

The endless uncertainty messes with our heads, increasing our stress and overwhelm.

It’s no wonder that people are coming for help to re-quit smoking, to cut down on alcohol consumption.

My observation both as a therapist and as a fellow human is that the current on/off uncertainty is more damaging to our mental health and to some of our businesses than anything in the last 2 years.

The prize we’ve all been waiting for keeps getting yanked away.

Anyway, I’d love to know how you feel.  Just drop me an email please.

On an upside I was in the Aldi carpark yesterday when a stranger came up to me to ask if I was Jean Cannon. It turned out her husband was a previous client and she still reads the emails and loves that I keep posting.  It was lovely to get such friendly feedback.

That’s another question... I’d love to know how you feel about my emails.  Just drop me an email please and requests for topics you want more of.

My job mostly boils down to helping people whose memories get in their way and mess up their present life.  Some memories are traumatic, some are simply unhelpful training from childhood... things like ‘you must eat everything on your plate’ which can really mess with your weight as an adult. Some stem from incidents when you were bullied as a child.  Some things are unhelpful taught habits.

Traumatic memories have the worst impact because they are not catalogued and stored properly so they remain current and are held as feelings in your body. They are triggered easily, come up in dreams and frequently cause anger... the anger that you suppressed at the time because you felt helpless and couldn’t deal with when the trauma happened.  I can help with this using the processes I used to heal my own PTSD.

My kindest regards


P.S. I’m really serious - go ahead and push the reply button and give me feedback about my emails and the sort of memories that get in your way or help that you want more of.