Trauma is overwhelming and damaging

Category: |  Date: April 7, 2021

When trauma happens, it is overwhelming, and it really causes damage to your life. The memory is not stored properly. It is held as feelings in your body and it very often cannot even be verbalised.

Traumatised people are often anxious, irritable, and suffer from angry outbursts. They also often are depressed, withdrawn, likely to be addicted, with poor concentration, flashbacks and very often weight gain. The trauma held in their bodies also causes joint pain in many.

The big question is what can you do about it?

Cognitive or talk therapy from social workers, psychologists and available free from Medicare is good for helping with stress and mild anxiety that can be verbalised, but it does not help deep traumatic memories that are stored as feelings, because they are not verbalised.

Relaxation, meditation and mindfulness can be harmful for those people who are on constant alert, or hypervigilant, because the memories have not been stored and remain a clear and present danger.

The treatment that works is a special type of hypnotherapy that allows you to access those unconscious feelings and process them in trance. It is safe, gentle and enjoyable. And it works!

It also works to remove the unconscious beliefs that cause people to retain excess weight and to develop addictions that have been adopted to help calm the person.

I use hypnotherapy to help clients recover from trauma. It is the same treatment I used on myself to heal my lifelong PTSD. Whether the trauma built up after lots of very difficult situations or from sudden and dramatic events it can be helped.

Just book in for a complimentary discovery session to learn more about how it can help you.

There are so many people at present suffering from trauma that has been increased over the past year of covid lockdowns and uncertainty. When you look at the news it is full of anger… and much of that has been increased enormously by covid’s impact on all our lives.

I’d love to help if this rings a bell for you.

Whether it is anxiety, weight problems or you want to quit smoking I can help. Just come and see me.