The three vital steps healed my PTSD

Category: |  Date: November 21, 2021

Take care of misinformation. The world today has tricked everyone into thinking that coping equals healing but it doesn’t! I certainly learned this from painful personal experience.

Coping only gives a false sense of security. It feels as though you’re fixing things, but in the long-term symptoms only intensify and eat you from the inside out. Why? Because the root cause of the problem is that the traumatic memories are held throughout your body, you are probably hypervigilant... always unconsciously on the lookout for danger, and the coping skills just sooth the symptoms.

Are coping skills bad? Not at all, but to heal anxiety and PTSD, the root cause MUST be healed! People who are just coping are merely getting by... day after day.  It does help enormously to focus on positive things because what you focus on grows more connections in your brain. So yes... focus on what you want.  Part 2 of my eBook (below) teaches how to do this.

The problem is that the memory of the trauma is held in your body and to fully recover from this you MUST have a proven method to reliably process the root cause of symptoms and not just cope with them.

Today I am sharing my eBook with you giving you two things... the 3 vital steps that I used to cure my PTSD and in the second part of the eBook there are some practical practices to calm and cope with everyday anxiety and stress.

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Tomorrow morning, I will open the shopping cart with special discounts for people who want to “Escape from Anxiety”.  This course works and because you pay over 10 months it costs less than a weekly cup of coffee and a bun, while giving you the ability to transform your life.

I teach you the three steps that transformed my life and also the lives of so many of my clients.  Clients like Mary who was half carried in by her mother. She had been bed ridden for 3 years in extreme pain after shocking mental and physical abuse by a partner.

After the first session with me she said “I think I can stand up now, I feel strong” then she stood and walked out to her mother in my waiting room. After the second session, she danced around the room.  Shortly after she was able to come off her pain killers, with her doctor’s advice and she resumed a normal working life.

Back to the course... I’m including a course on self-hypnosis worth $500 to help you even more and I am offering both the normal plus a VIP version where I build in 2 one-on-one sessions with me either in clinic or on zoom for a greatly discounted cost... More about this tomorrow.

If you would like a PDF of the ebook, please send me an email request.  For some extraordinary reason the email program I use will not allow me to attach PDFs.  Go figure that one?!