There is always a reason

Category: |  Date: March 2, 2022

There is always a reason and sometimes it is a surprise. The reason I have been quiet over the last 3 months was certainly a surprise to me.

I had my booster jab, Pfizer at the end of November and was badly affected. It triggered a problem with my heart, and I have spent 3 months lightheaded and often gasping for breath with highly irregular ventricle beats... Not at all my usual energetic self.

Yes, I have been able to continue doing hypnosis effectively but not getting out and about much. Right now, if you can help me, I’d love more clients. Referrals are wonderful. I have now had numerous cardiology appointments and understand the problem and how to manage it.

I am recovering to a fair extent and getting my mojo back. The dog is getting short daily walks which were intermittent for a while, and throughout I went to my personal trainer to keep up my muscle strength.

So many of us have been affected in one way or another by the pandemic and now we need to get back into the life that we choose to lead.

I do not like writing about me.  My usual focus is how I can help others but sometimes we all need to ask for help.

All the things that happen to us can add to our wisdom if we let it. Living a long and complicated life has certainly given me huge insights into other people’s problems and how to help them overcome them.