There are two ways to look at everything

Category: |  Date: September 2, 2021

Well it is a lovely warm sunny albeit windy day. My spirits have lifted with the sun and I’ve found lots of new energy. Spring does that for me.

However it is interesting. That first sentence could go 2 ways… leave out the word lovely and it could be seen as a serious hay fever day, which it is. But I am choosing lovely!

I got up early and turned a huge crop of tiny ripe tomatoes into sauce. I have a crazy feral tomato plant that went against the trend, growing vigorously and producing masses of tomatoes throughout winter. It also sheltered a capsicum which went on producing fruit throughout the Winter.

Now I am about to work on sorting out my website. Sadly, I got conned into this website that looks pretty but confuses people so I am working on changing it. That was an expensive mistake but one I will move on from.

Then I will go for a long walk with my dog. I'll be masked… to protect me from windblown dust and pollen which do cause hay fever for me.

It’s an onwards and upwards positive day to be enjoyed before it goes back to raining and 14C tomorrow.

My two office assistants are "helping" me. As soon as she hears the Apple drum roll, the cat appears through her door in my window to sit as close to my keyboard as possible and the dog either sits on my lap or in her bed under the desk.

It's all good.