The problem is not the problem

Category: |  Date: March 29, 2022

So, what do I mean... the problem is not the problem?  Look further...

There are three common problems that I work with:

  • The problem is smoking – NO the problem is why you can’t stop. It’s a habit, just behaviour.  It is not an addiction.
  • The problem is excess weight- NO the problem is what triggered you to put it on and how to fix that.
  • The problem is anxiety – NO the problem is what was or were the events or traumas that triggered that initial fear that first triggered the anxiety and left you on alert.

The solution is helping you to change your unconscious mind so that the past event events no longer trigger the problem. 

In some cases, this can be like peeling back layers of a huge onion as events piled onto events as you went through your life.

What is certain is that while I can help you defuse events, to solve your problem, I cannot provide the hand of God to snatch food or cigarettes as you put them into your mouth... that’s your job, I just make it easy.

Some things are an easy quick fix and smoking usually is because it is a habit that can be got rid of.  Nicotine is not addictive... only for a maximum of 2 hours. I’ve helped hundreds of people to Quit in only one session. If you need to come back for a second session, this is free, and it is very rare because the one session works for almost everyone.

We all recognise that some people react to an event or a trauma more than others. These are usually people who have previously been traumatised and the memories are stored in their bodies leaving them permanently “on alert”.

Traumas take more work; they certainly can be defused, and you gain a greater understanding of why and how to manage in future.

I had complex PTSD for most of my life starting with my first three years under German bombing raids in WW2. Then more layers went on top. The changes in my life since I learned how to defuse all those triggers are wonderful. 

It has been an ongoing unravelling of the layers I have built up around my vulnerable inner self leading to me now being very happy and peaceful. This is what I love to share with those who need it.