The past is over... the trick is to let it go

Category: |  Date: June 24, 2021

The past is over… the trick is to let it go. Ok that is much easier said than done.

We can’t unsay things, or undo things, so we need to move on.

If something horrendous happened, you have already suffered. Don’t go on reliving it.

It IS hard to let go and move on. I certainly know that but letting it go is a wonderful relief.

A surprising number of people don’t want to let go. They actually enjoy being a victim. There is some secondary gain and benefit to them. Maybe they are being cared for a nurtured, maybe it becomes a weapon to accuse and hurt people seen as the cause of the problem.

This is harmful and needs to be moved on from. Negativity is a dis-ease and it causes disease and sometimes serious illness. Let’s get rid of it.

It can feel like a horrible lump inside that is difficult or even impossible to put into words.

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