Take time, take it easy and be happy

Category: |  Date: April 20, 2022

Take it easy and be happy.  There is a strong and well-documented link between health and happiness.

We often forget how connected our body is to our mind. When we are unhappy, stress just builds up in us and we suffer a lack of ease... this leads to disease.

The last 2 years have been difficult and now we are bombarded on all the media by elections and a war in Ukraine.  We need to actively decide to chill out, take it easy (there’s that ease word again) and be happy.

In one study (I’m note sure about the ethics of this), scientists measured the happiness and positivity of a group of people, then squirted a measured dose of cold virus up each of their noses.  The same dose of virus for everyone but 3 times as many people in the not so happy group got sick.

Another study looked at a group of nuns who all had the same diet, exercise and lifestyle.  They all wrote an autobiographical essay when they entered the convent. Phycologists rated their essay for positivity and grouped them into 4 groups.  Of the happiest quarter, 90% were still alive at 85 while only 35% reached 85.  It is interesting.

That set me remembering that for most of my adult life I used to get lots of colds and flu and haven’t had many at all for the past 16 years or so. What was different? I was working in jobs I disliked, totally stressed in my marriage and still sorting that out. Then I got breast cancer, stopped in my tracks, and reassessed my life, went back to my roots in neurophysiology and studied hypnotherapy.

I am very happy these days, I love being able to help clients with problems and I am very healthy. Life is good. I’m even working on helping my body calm the heart damage I got from the Pfizer booster, I’m back in the gym twice a week and walking my very joyous little dog for longer distances again now.

If you do need help to get past blockages and perhaps even anger from the past. Come and see me, I can help if you let me. Book a free 20-minute consultation to find out how.