Is your mind helping or harming you?

You are 90% controlled by your habits and your unconscious mind so is your mind helping or harming you. Your unconscious mind was programmed from your birth through your childhood… largely by other people.

It is worth taking the time to think about this. What would you really like to change?

It is surprising how many people do not really value themselves enough to take proper care of their habits like smoking, drinking, food choices and many other choices.

Quite a lot of overweight people are actually unconsciously insulating themselves from some problem that they have not understood enough to fix.

Many of your own thoughts may be self abusive and very different to what you would say to your best friend. We all tend to put ourselves down, usually unconsciously.

Much of this has been learned from older siblings, friends and parents from our earliest childhood.
I sometimes catch my grandchildren telling their younger siblings that they are stupid etc – so harmful because it becomes a habit for the younger child to say this as self abuse as they grow up.

And think about the families where “girls can’t do that”. My family was like that, but I was a “very difficult girl;” because I regarded can’t as a challenge.

People do not always realise that they matter in this world. And as someone who matters - it is important that you take proper care of yourself and get rid of both harmful habits and also harmful thoughts.

Your mind has the power to change your life, to heal you if this is needed and even to kill you if you do not feel that you really matter in this world.