Your smoking HABIT is the addiction

Your smoking HABIT is the addiction. It is not the nicotine, which is only addictive for 2 hours maximum.

Think about how entrenched that habit of bringing your hand up to your mouth, breathing in deeply, then breathing out… and repeat actually is.

When you breathe in and out slowly like your smoking your brain releases feel good chemicals like endorphins and this is the addiction. You probably also take some time out and enjoy some “me time”.

If you stop cold turkey you get withdrawal symptoms which are just your unconscious mind throwing a tantrum, rather like the tantrum that a toddler throws in the supermarket when it can’t reach the thing it has just seen and wants.

To allow you to quit without withdrawal symptoms you need to remove those receptors on your cells that respond to your smoking and this can be done with skilled hypnosis.

There are many people offering hypnosis to quit smoking and most of them have done either a “become a hypnotist in 3 days” course or a four-day “quit smoking in 60 minutes – guaranteed” which usually also offers a lifetime guarantee. They are given a catch-all script that does work for some people but not all.

Would you take your car to a 3-4 day trained mechanic or get your plumbing done this way?

So why would you risk your precious MIND being treated by someone largely untrained?