What does a warm sunny day get you thinking about?

What does a warm sunny day get you thinking about? It’s the first day of spring, fruit trees are covered in blossom and my daffodils have appeared with their yellow buds.

It may be having a BBQ with friends or going for a hike but there may be other thoughts.

Hmmmm… we are coming into summer and hopefully the restrictions and lockdowns are easing or ending… so what about my extra weight from both winter and lockdowns? Do I still fit my summer clothes, and shudder, my bathers?

The thing is that extra weight is not your fault. It is a natural response to cold weather and extra stress, but it is your responsibility to do something about it.

Diets do not help. Your body feels as though there is a famine, and it hangs on to fat to protect you from starvation. If the diet does work in the short term, that weight plus more weight goes straight back on again to protect you. You get the yo-yo effect.

You are responsible for sorting out why you need to be insulated and let that go. I understand… that does sound over simplified, but it works.

There is a very good reason why either you need the comfort of putting extra food and drink in your mouth, you developed the habit of having big serves and finishing everything on your plate or perhaps your unconscious mind felt that you need to protect yourself by being bigger, or in some cases, less attractive.

All of this is controlled by your unconscious mind and is difficult to change with willpower, but this is where I can help. It is possible to change your unconscious habits quickly and easily.

Call me or book in for a complimentary consultation to find out more. Doing something about your weight is your responsibility.