When anxiety persists with all its other problems

Anxiety and fear are not your fault…

…but it is YOUR responsibility to heal.

When there are sudden dreadful events or even continual overwork and excessive stress you may become overwhelmed. When this happens, the part of your brain that organises your memories so they can be stored and retrieved easily does not work effectively.
Some memories are not stored, they remain as feelings throughout your body, scattered and able to be easily triggered.

They may also cause pain and illness, like fibromyalgia, cancer and so many others. They may trigger deep and even violent anger. The thing is that anger is a normal healthy protective emotion, but it can get out of control when you are overwhelmed.

There are many of us who have coped over the years with things that were overwhelming, and the present ongoing unpredictability and isolation are triggering those past issues. People talk about a mental health pandemic
The sad or even scandalous thing at present is that politicians and the media have deliberately engendered fear, and that can be one step too far for many.

Just turn the TV and other media off.

All the current fear and negativity seeps into our souls and becomes toxic.

It is normal and even healthy to feel anger towards those who hurt you but you need to be able to deal with this and, in your mind, defeat the person or situation that caused the problem. This is protective anger.

The problem for many people is that their anger was never dealt with at the time and turns inward as victim anger. That was clearly on show at the Women’s Summit when two angry and abused young women turned their anger on the Prime minister. He was NOT their rapist and was merely trying to help. That is sad.

I want to tell you about one lovely client who came to me very overweight, diabetic and stressed.

She had been abused by several men through her childhood and gone on to have two abusive marriages.
I got her to relax first then in deep trance she defeated her abusers!

She told me afterwards that she “put them all in a box and kicked and punched the hell out of them”. And she did! It was very dramatic! It was noisy and her arms and legs were working hard.

She defeated her abusers. And the outcome was incredible.

She came to my door 3 years later and the only thing I recognised was her voice. Slim, no longer diabetic, happily remarried and half way through a degree in sociology.

When you imagine something and feel strong emotion, your brain cannot tell whether it is real or not so her brain “knew” that she had defeated her abusers and it was over. She was able to heal and be the peaceful, happy person she was always meant to be.

If you want to access and resolve your deep stressful and traumatic memories I would love to help you.