We are controlled by our habits

We are controlled by our habits, like it or not and habits can be very hard to change.

The thing is that 90% of what you do is controlled by your unconscious mind so unless your unconscious mind agrees with the habit change… it ain’t going to happen. There will be a tantrum going on inside you… just like that kid in the supermarket trolley who can’t reach the chocolate he can see… quieter for the rest of us but just as loud inside your head.

Your habits may keep you smoking, drinking too much, being on a diet treadmill, biting nails, being scared of heights, spiders or something else. If you would like help to change these habits, or you know someone who does just get in touch with me – I put my contact details below for you.

As we gallop into summer many of us become conscious of our weight, thinner clothes and bathers. Losing the extra bit of weight and keeping it off is not always easy. It is much more complex than just increasing exercise and decreasing food for most people.

You can set all the weight goals and food choices you like and still fail because all dieting does is make your body feel as though you are starving so your unconscious mind does two things:-

  • it throws a tantrum making it hard for you to keep to your diet plan and
  • it puts on even more weight once the diet stops to "protect" you from the next famine.

Yo-Yo diets just put on more weight over time and it becomes a constant spring to early summer treadmill.

Skilled hypnotherapy helps you understand the reasons you put on and also hold onto weight and this allows you to change your unconscious mind so that you can lose weight easily, naturally and keep it off.