Does this happen to you?

You’ve gone to bed, you are tired then when your head hits the pillow and the light goes out, your unconscious mind gets busy.

“I can see you are going to sleep now but before you do, here’s a few extra things you may like to consider.”
In the past, before I healed my PTSD this was horrendous, those things sometimes terrorised me all night and I would wake up dreaming of more traumatic things.

Now, oh yes, I still sometimes get reminders from my unconscious mind, so I grab a piece of paper I keep beside the bed and jot them down.

Sometimes they are useful reminders, they don’t worry me anymore. If I wake dreaming and I don’t like the context or ending, I just say, that’s not right, this is what happens, then roll over and go back to sleep.

The horrors are no longer horrors.

Traumatic memories don’t just disappear, but they no longer have the pain and you can easily reframe them and send them away.

This is what I help people to learn with both Face-to-Face hypnotherapy and in the “Escape from Anxiety” program. And the VIP “Escape from Anxiety” also includes up to 2 one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions with me either face-to-face or on zoom

Here is the link to learn more. It only costs a small monthly fee. No more than a weekly coffee and bun.
If you’ve had trauma in your life, it may be time to stop and think, what really matters in your life? The freedom that you find when you defuse those memories is so good.

Margie is a professional woman in her 60s suffering from loneliness, dreadful panic attacks and was becoming agoraphobic. She grew up on a British army Base where her father was a non-commissioned officer.

She was raped at aged 8 by 2 teenage boys, the sons of Officers and when she reported this to her parents, little was done about it other than her father being very angry and unable to resolve it.

When the family returned to the UK those older boys had graduated as officers and her father was stationed under their command. An older brother also raped her, which continued for many years. She was frightened to tell her parents saying she was afraid her father would kill her brother.

She divorced in her 40s after finding her husband was bringing other women into her house while she was at work.
Recently she was also having ongoing and increasing bullying by a manager at work. Her family migrated to Australia and her father joined the Australian Army when Margie was a teenager.

I helped her work with her unconscious mind to deal with all the abuse.

When she came back told me that she had written to her brother and had told her mother. She enjoyed planning a confident future.

Stuff no longer rolls through her mind and her anxiety has gone. She has told her mother about the rapes and confronted her brother so that she feels comfortable meeting him now. She is no longer being bullied. She now has 5 boxes in her mind, 1 is very pretty and on a pedestal to put good thoughts in and the other 4 are there so she can put all bad thoughts in them.

So often we get overwhelmed, by all the things that we have no control over. What is important is to work out how it happens so you can avoid it in future and how to cope with it.

Working directly with your unconscious mind is the quickest and easiest way to help yourself.

All you need is to JUST IMAGINE so that your unconscious mind understands that:
The problem is over

You are safe

YOU were the one with the power to make the change.

The thing is that when you just imagine and you get right into an imaginary scene in an emotional way, your brain can’t tell the difference between this and reality.

MRI scans of people remembering and also imagining strongly show the same parts of the brain are active.

When you “Just Imagine” you can rewrite your past to change the software in your brain and to defuse that memory.

You can rewrite how you react to a bully or an abuser so then they no longer have any power over you.

If you wake after a nightmare, before you wake up fully, just tell yourself firmly that “that was the wrong ending” and re-write the end so it is helpful to you.

Correcting a nightmare is very important for those people who suffer from stress and trauma related nightmares and flashbacks… although you probably need to call me for help if this happens often.

Remembering in the future sounds weird but elite sports people use this all the time…

Just watch a rugby player going for the kick to convert a try… He has kicked that ball right between the posts long before his foot touches the ball.

Sometimes people feel trapped by the situation they are in, like being strangled in lots of vines and problems?
If you feel trapped and strangled why don’t you try to imagine finding a knife in your pocket and hacking yourself out of those vines, perhaps even piling them up and burning them once you are safety out.
The idea is for YOU to take control and overcome problems.

Ask me for help if you need it – don’t hesitate because you get your life back when you defeat problems.

The answer is a very clear yes. Anytime you have real trouble making the changes in habits that that you want to make, you have an argument going on inside. And your conscious mind often wants something quite different to what your unconscious mind has decided is right.

Sometimes even your unconscious mind has can’t agree with two parts disagreeing. No wonder that habit change is hard. We all have a ‘naughty” part of our unconscious mind who brings us unhelpful thoughts – I certainly do.

Our unconscious minds are like 3-5 year old children, very determined and single minded (each part is single minded). For some reason when you set up the habit, you convinced your unconscious mind that the habit was the best thing to keep you safe.

The “safety” at the time may have simply been belonging to a peer group and some years later that is no longer relevant so you need to have that discussion with your mind. Talking to yourself is very good!

The trick to changing a habit is to observe your thoughts and reject those that are not helpful and I can help with this. I can also help you to discover whether part of your mind is digging in and rejecting the change so that you can change this.

I’d love to hear back from you and give you more help if you want it.

For so many years I had a typical yoyo journey with my weight. I fluctuated between 65 and 105 kgs depending on the stress levels in life. I had 3 children close together, was divorced 3 times and moved house too often and retrained for several different careers.

Once I became a hypnotherapist, i realised that I was not in control. My unconscious mind was insulating me against the world and every time I lost weight, my body reacted as though there had been a famine I need to be protected from and put on more weight than I had before.

For several years not I have fluctuated gently between 71 and 73kg and clothes from 40 years ago fit well.
I feel so much healthier and I eat whatever I want.

Life is good.
I am in control

I am an experienced hypnotherapist who has been helping people to quit problems for over 12 years. I have helped close to 700 people quit smoking successfully, mostly in a single session. Let me help you. It will work either in my clinic or online.

Over 90% of our behaviour is controlled by our unconscious mind. Most of this is what we learned as we grew up and it might not be working as effectively as it did when we first learned it. Smoking is definitely an example of this and your problems times may well be associated with alcohol and socialising as you did when the teenager you used to be took up the habit.

People tell me that smoking relaxes them, but in fact nicotine increases anxiety. what calms them is breathing in deeply, holding it, then breathing out slowly several times. They are actually using the same breathing they would normally use in meditation. So they are meditating with poison.

How do our thoughts affect our weight? I think most of us have discovered that weight management is much more complex than just energy in and energy out. Our minds have a huge influence.

We evolved living a much simpler life where our major threats were cold and starvation. Especially for women it was important to store fat so that babies could be fed and our species survive.

When our mind believes that we are under some sort of threat it responds by either insulating us (most common), or preparing us to run to safety.

If we diet, our unconscious mind minds and our bodies believe we are starving so when the diet finishes, we put on even more weight to protect us. That’s why we have the yo-yo effect of diets.

90% of our mind is unconscious and it is definitely the boss! It is not possible to lose weight long term when the unconscious mind rejects it.

Obesity is usually a response by the unconscious mind to insulate and protect the person from problems like stress and anxiety usually caused by bullying, abuse, rejection, domestic or family violence, a sudden accident or similar.

The trick is finding when the problems started and what else was happening then and clearing this. Then the diet and exercise can be effective and I refer people to a colleague, who is a personal trainer or a nutrition expert. Of course if you already go to a trainer or naturopath, I can collaborate with them

Clearing the real reason for the anxiety must involve the unconscious mind and that is best done with a very special hypnotic process. This is very effective and remarkably. You can be free of anxiety in less than 1 month and then losing your excess weight is much easier.

The more traditional approach to relieving anxiety use cognitive behavioural therapy which only involves the conscious logical mind, can re-traumatise the person and is much less effective and much, much slower.