Good grief… the difference is so important!

Unusually a client came in worried about hypnosis so I asked why. It turned out that she had Googled “side effects of hypnosis”. Oh dear what a collection of stuff occasionally happens if someone unqualified works with you. This is why you need to make sure you are seeing a fully trained hypnotherapist not just someone who has done a 3 or 4 day quit smoking course, or an introductory NLP course.

There is a very big difference between stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy. The therapy means I know something about how the mind and body work together to heal you and/or solve problems plus I have a degree in medical science. I used to teach medical students at the University of NSW School of Physiology and I was involved in neurophysiology research.

I have also got diplomas in hypnotherapy and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and am a Master Practitioner of NLP. I do NOT take people back in trance along timelines because this can be dangerous and create false memories. I am also an Accredited Practitioner with the UK Hypnosis Academy.

I trained as a specialist trauma hypnotherapist so I am able to very safely help people with stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD recover and return to calm in a surprisingly short time – usually less than a month.

Because obesity, autoimmune disease and even cancer are often closely linked to trauma and stress in a person’s past, releasing the trauma helps them to recover from these conditions. Many of you know that I help people with these conditions.

I have always supposed that people who arrived feeling nervous were thinking about stage hypnosis and afraid of turning into a chicken, but I can see the fears can be deeper… but relax… none of these dramas are a problem when you come to me.

Many of you already know that I provide safe and effective and I really appreciate it when people like you send your friends here as well.