Why are some habits so hard to change

People come to see me with all manner of problems and of course quitting smoking is one of the most common. Even though the particular habit or behaviour started years earlier, sometimes there is an underlying reason why they have not been able to change it.

The failure to change is often about something completely different and changing the habit can be one stress too many for some.

It makes sense to look at this because on many occasions removing the underlying cause first, makes changing the habit easier and more permanent.

We all have stuff happening in our lives… some people have a lot more than others; some have stuff that is simply horrendous and in both these cases they remain in a highly stressed fight, flight or freeze state for years which affects their ongoing relationships, their work and their health and this excessive stress needs to be removed so that the person feels in control again.

The problem is that when the part of the brain that organises your memories ready for storage becomes overwhelmed, some of those memories do not get stored, instead, they remain current.

Friends and family typically find this difficult because they are unable to understand why you can’t let the thing go. They don’t understand the threat, fear or guilt is held in your body, not stored and often not even verbalised. You can’t ‘just let it go’.

Then unexpected little things can trigger full blown stress and anxiety again.

Stress, anxiety and trauma are not your fault but it is your responsibility to heal.

Healing does not return us to who and how we used to be before the trauma.  No-  we become someone stronger, wiser, kinder.

And in changing our lives we are able to affect our families and communities in a good way.

Escape from Anxiety is a guided 6-week program and priced to make it accessible. It  costs less than a coffee and a bun each week.

The program helps you to understand and manage those unconscious beliefs that control your life.  You will learn how to change them so that YOU can heal and become that person you are meant to be, a much stronger, wiser and kinder. And I will be with you all the way, to make sure you reach a place where you are able to heal.

I am passionate about helping people to use their minds to heal themselves though hypnotherapy.  This course teaches you to understand the origins of your anxiety and how to change this so that you CAN Escape from the stress, anxiety and depression  stress that happens in all our lives.

And we do this without going over and over issues because this just increases your pain.

I am with you all the way to answer questions and hold out my hand to help you across difficult areas.

Anxiety, stress and anger are like poison for your body. When you are stressed every cell in your body is stressed and your cells do not thrive and stay healthy under those conditions.

When your body is stressed it wants to turn on whatever has upset it and if this is not possible your body turns on itself, causing illnesses like autoimmune disease and cancer.

Some things that happen to people either as children or as adults result in them always being more stressed than others and more reactive to situations so that they cling to their comfort which may be smoking, alcohol becoming unable to go out easily or some other response to relieve their stress.

The important thing is to get rid of that stress by “defusing” the situation/s that caused it and this can be done very safely and easily with hypnosis. The process is life changing. The way people transform is wonderful.

There are things that block smokers from quitting and while some can quit cold turkey relatively easily, others find it extremely difficult.

The trick is to sort out why. What part of your mind needs to cling to smoking? Often it is about coping with stress so we need to sort out how to reduce that and get you back to calm.

This may be the daily overload like the noise the kids make when they are having fun, or your partner having a habit you find offensive and he/she thinks is normal or a combination of many things, building up and becoming overwhelming.

It might be your work situation or people you work with. or simply the lack of time and delays in the traffic.

In all cases the effects of stress can be very real and debilitating and especially when it leads to anxiety and depression and perhaps excessive alcohol consumption as people try to self medicate.

When stress gets out of control, one of the the first things to be affected is how you sleep. And stress also affects your biochemistry, releasing cortisol and adrenalin and suppressing serotonin.

These biochemical changes block absorption of nutrients and also of any medications that have been prescribed so the first thing is to break the stress cycle which is where we start using hypnosis. Hypnosis is a very powerful tool to help you emerge from anxiety and depression and to change habits, control your mind and learn to be relaxed. Learn to choose a calm response.

Allowing yourself to feel stressed and to think of consequences that often never happen is a HABIT and habits can be changed

NOTE: Severe or prolonged stress and trauma coming from past events must be treated differently