There is a lesson here about lobsters

You know how some people are able to use stress really well, while others struggle and become overwhelmed.It is worth thinking about how lobsters grow because there is an interesting lesson here.

Lobsters grow inside a hard shell and they go on growing until that shell feels much too tight and the lobster feels under pressure. So it goes under a protective rock, away from predators, bursts its shell and grows fast before a new shell hardens up.

An enterprising scientist fed valium to lobsters and they stopped growing. Their muscles were relaxed so they did not burst out of their shell.

When we feel pressured it is a signal for us to grow.

Think about what you can learn from any situation where you feel stressed. Make the changes that are needed. See what help you can get without resorting to stress relieving drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, comfort eating etc.

The hypnotherapy treatment, which I use to help stressed and anxious clients, is safe and fast with no medication. If you or someone you know needs help to cope with stress please call me for a no obligation chat. I can help someone with full blown PTSD back to calm in only a few sessions.

People can move out of their situation, or their restrictive mindset and it is wonderful to see the changes and the personal growth as they just let go of harmful thoughts, feelings and memories.