Stress and Phobias

Most stress can be helped using the combination of NLP and hypnosis. While I am very opposed to going back in time with hyponosis clients, there are many traumas that are very clearly defined events in somone’s mind and still causing them major stress in their present life that can be relieved surprisingly easily

Some of the traumas that I have relieved are:

♣ A woman with major anxiety around driving because of a near miss which while not her fault, was followed by road rage.  This has been relieved
♣ A fire fighter caught in a “burn over” who although unharmed, felt hot and panicked whenever he was in a crowd
♣ A woman who had suffered an abusive situation resulting in feelings of helplessness has been able to release this and increase her confidence.

Severe or prolonged stress and trauma need to be treated differently and I use a process which works fast and effectively.

Phobias are an exaggerated, usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation. Statistically, one in 20 people have a serious phobia.

There are huge lists of phobias and it doesn’t matter what they are, they can often be cured in a single session.

While you don’t need to get to the stage of loving what you were afraid of, you can certainly have a better quality of life free of the fear and anxiety…