Coping with life on the run

Staying healthy and a healthy weight while eating out at restaurants can be a challenge so here are some tips to help you eat better when you need to eat out a lot.

Eating the wrong foods can make you much more tired and bloated.

Typical fast foods and other away from home foods are:Sandwich or burger — the bread is usually the unhealthiest part of thisfries or chips — source of deadly trans fats which seem to come with everythingsoda or other sweetened drinks — mostly have harmful high fructose corn syrup

A MUCH smarter alternative for a leaner, healthier body is very simply this:

A steak, chicken breast, or fish piece (this avoids the refined wheat of a sandwich)veggies or salad (much better choice than fries or chips)unsweetened iced tea or water with lemon (and no diet drinks — unless you enjoy drinking carcinogenic poisonous artificial sweetener chemicals).

I find that nearly all restaurants will swap the chips for salad or more green veggies if I ask them and my usual takeaway meal if I have to be out is from a chicken shop – a cooked portion (usually a leg for me) and some salad with water.

I also take food with me and when there is no chicken shop, I buy a wrap or if I bring one from home I use seaweed wrap from an Asian shop.