Quit Smoking Side Effects

The side effects of quitting smoking without the help of hypnosis are very unpleasant withdrawal symptoms which start after around 2 hours and continue for about a month in many cases.

What happens is that when you started smoking you convinced your unconscious mind that keeping you smoking kept you safe in some way – often from being laughed at by teenage peers or some similar situation.

The unconscious mind is like a 3-5 year old – very single minded and relentless about doing what it has been told is right and maintaining the established habit. To quit smoking it is necessary to change your unconscious mind.

If you fail to change this unconscious mind, it will behave like a child throwing a tantrum (I am sure you have all witnessed this in a supermarket even if not in your own family). Cravings and withdrawal symptoms are simply an unconscious tantrum and this can be prevented using hypnosis.

The interesting thing is that nicotine is not addictive for more than around 2 hours. The addiction is to the habit which has built very strong neural connections to reinforce the habit. These get broken in hypnosis when the brain is flooded by serotonin as a result of the very deep relaxation and the guided visualisations.

When you are in a hypnotic trance both your conscious mind and your unconscious mind can get to agree with each other and so prevent all the tantrums making quitting smoking a pleasant and relaxing experience. I provide you with a CD to listen to each night for around a month to consolidate this mind change and keep you free form any side effects of quitting smoking.