Why do people choose to quit smoking?

One reason almost everyone talks about is that they are sick of feeling like an outcast. And they hate hiding their smoking from their children.

They worry about their children knowing they smoke, and they want to be around to watch their kids and grandkids grow up.

More are worrying about the cost of smoking… which is not a surprise. I was shocked the other day in Coles when the woman in front of me was changed $65 for 1 packet of smokes! How do they afford it?

Quite a number come in days before they need to have surgery and the Doctor has given them an ultimatum, so health is a driver, but this does not seem to be a huge driver most of the time. so many people are invincible… until they are not.

The thing about smoking is that it does offer short term comfort even though the nicotine actually increases anxiety. There are two reasons for this comfort.

  1. From your earliest days putting something in your mouth provided comfort, whether it is a thumb, a bottle of milk, a dummy and as you get older, a biscuit or other comfort food.
  2. When you smoke, you take a deep breath in, hold it, then let it out slowly, and repeat several times. This is what you do in meditation. You are meditating with poison!
    I have helped close to 700 people to quit smoking successfully, mostly in a single session. Hypnosis works to help you quit if you want to. It is less successful if you come because your husband or wife wants you to quit. Your unconscious belief will always win. YOU must want to. If you do need a second session, you come back free.