It’s that time of the year again

It’s that time of the year again and repeated diets don't work.
Two things are happening:-

  1. The Christmas parties are already beginning with extra food and alcohol.
  2. The weather is warming up and you look at your summer wardrobe… or worse it would be great to have a swim until you look at or even think about yourself in bathers!

So how do you cope with these two clashing situations?

The fact is that repeated diets don’t work. While you are on a diet, your body thinks you are starving and builds up even more fat to protect you from starvation when this diet finishes.

Yes of course you need to make sensible food choices and quantities and some exercise is helpful. Excessive exercise is not.

Of course there are lifestyle choices to make if you want to change. We all know that doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result is insane. So how do you change?

It depends how strongly you believe it…
Theft is wrong… so you don’t steal, even if others around you do. So you have proved you have willpower.

Now when it comes to food and alcohol during the silly season wouldn't it be nice if you could say "no" as easily as if someone asked you to steal?

The good news is you can….
All you need to do is rewire your brain so you see unhealthy food and too much alcohol as things that hold you back not take you forward.

And hypnotherapy makes this both possible and easy.

We start by exploring why you put on your weight and sort that out.

Then we work on strengthening your self-confidence, your self-worth and your self-image. I take them on an internal sensory journey, picturing themselves being strong, being confident and being the person they want to be.

And these feeling, thoughts and emotions embed themselves into their unconscious mind so that when they are in their conscious (everyday) state they say "No" to the things they don't want automatically. Not thinking about it. No struggling. Just automatic unconscious action.

You don't care what others think. You just do what you feel is right.

To rewire your brain and kick-out the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back call me today.

And let the power of hypnotherapy change your life forever.