I freak out, waking up shouting ‘No!

This is the real problem a client came to me with. He had phoned and asked about getting help to quit, then decided he could do it himself

‘Things are different now from the last time when we spoke. I had actually quit smoking for the past six months (Since March 2021).

I went cold turkey and I’m gaining weight as side effects due to cravings.
My worry is more on the “relapse” than my recent weight gain.
I sometimes get dreams that I’m lighting a cigarette and I freak out waking up shouting “No!”
I need your help in tackling the fear of getting back to my old routine and old habit.

He said…"I need a surety mindset of never going back. I need that confidence to be built up when I face my old friends.
Let me know how can we go about this?”

The thing is that unless you change your unconscious mind, you stand a strong chance of going back to your habit. And like this gentleman, you replace the habit of putting a cigarette in your mouth with the new habit of using extra food instead.

I help people to relax, let their conscious mind drift off while I talk to their unconscious mind and help them to change their habit.

The habit of putting comfort into your mouth is very strong because it started as soon as you were born, perhaps even before as scans show many babies sucking their thumbs before they are born.
Quit smoking with hypnosis works. I have helped over 600 people to quit successfully, mostly in a single session. If you do need a follow up session it is free.

When trauma happens the memory and the pain is held in all the cells of your body and until it is released that memory is never resolved. The stress and trauma is never over.

Using hypnosis and a special step by step process I help clients to overcome those memories and let the pain and stress go. The change is dramatic.

I truly ‘get” this because this is the process that I used to heal my own PTSD which built up over many years from my earliest childhood, through being bullied as a disabled child and having 3 abusive marriages.

I'll let Sue (not her real name) tell her story

One reason almost everyone talks about is that they are sick of feeling like an outcast. And they hate hiding their smoking from their children.

They worry about their children knowing they smoke, and they want to be around to watch their kids and grandkids grow up.

More are worrying about the cost of smoking… which is not a surprise. I was shocked the other day in Coles when the woman in front of me was changed $65 for 1 packet of smokes! How do they afford it?

Quite a number come in days before they need to have surgery and the Doctor has given them an ultimatum, so health is a driver, but this does not seem to be a huge driver most of the time. so many people are invincible… until they are not.

The thing about smoking is that it does offer short term comfort even though the nicotine actually increases anxiety. There are two reasons for this comfort.

  1. From your earliest days putting something in your mouth provided comfort, whether it is a thumb, a bottle of milk, a dummy and as you get older, a biscuit or other comfort food.
  2. When you smoke, you take a deep breath in, hold it, then let it out slowly, and repeat several times. This is what you do in meditation. You are meditating with poison!
    I have helped close to 700 people to quit smoking successfully, mostly in a single session. Hypnosis works to help you quit if you want to. It is less successful if you come because your husband or wife wants you to quit. Your unconscious belief will always win. YOU must want to. If you do need a second session, you come back free.

People come to see me with all manner of problems and of course quitting smoking is one of the most common. Even though the particular habit or behaviour started years earlier, sometimes there is an underlying reason why they have not been able to change it.

The failure to change is often about something completely different and changing the habit can be one stress too many for some.

It makes sense to look at this because on many occasions removing the underlying cause first, makes changing the habit easier and more permanent.

We all have stuff happening in our lives… some people have a lot more than others; some have stuff that is simply horrendous and in both these cases they remain in a highly stressed fight, flight or freeze state for years which affects their ongoing relationships, their work and their health and this excessive stress needs to be removed so that the person feels in control again.

The problem is that when the part of the brain that organises your memories ready for storage becomes overwhelmed, some of those memories do not get stored, instead, they remain current.

Friends and family typically find this difficult because they are unable to understand why you can’t let the thing go. They don’t understand the threat, fear or guilt is held in your body, not stored and often not even verbalised. You can’t ‘just let it go’.

Then unexpected little things can trigger full blown stress and anxiety again.

Hi, I am an experienced hypnotherapist who has been helping people to quit problems for over 12 years. I have helped close to 700 people quit smoking successfully, mostly in a single session. Let me help you. It will work either in my clinic or online. Just let me help you.

The answer is a very clear yes. Anytime you have real trouble making the changes in habits that that you want to make, you have an argument going on inside. And your conscious mind often wants something quite different to what your unconscious mind has decided is right.

Your unconscious mind will always win.

Sometimes even your unconscious mind has can’t agree with two parts disagreeing. No wonder that habit change is hard.

We all have a ‘naughty” part of our unconscious mind who brings us unhelpful thoughts – I certainly do.

Our unconscious minds are like 3–5-year-old children, very determined and single minded (each part is single minded). For some reason when you set up the habit, you convinced your unconscious mind that the habit was the best thing to keep you safe.

The “safety” at the time may have simply been belonging to a peer group and some years later that is no longer relevant, so you need to have that discussion with your mind. Talking to yourself is very good!

The trick to changing a habit is to observe your thoughts and reject those that are not helpful, and I can help with this. I can also help you to discover whether part of your mind is digging in and rejecting the change so that you can change this.

I am an experienced hypnotherapist who has been helping people to quit problems for over 12 years. I have helped close to 700 people quit smoking successfully, mostly in a single session. Let me help you. It will work either in my clinic or online.

Over 90% of our behaviour is controlled by our unconscious mind. Most of this is what we learned as we grew up and it might not be working as effectively as it did when we first learned it. Smoking is definitely an example of this and your problems times may well be associated with alcohol and socialising as you did when the teenager you used to be took up the habit.

People tell me that smoking relaxes them, but in fact nicotine increases anxiety. what calms them is breathing in deeply, holding it, then breathing out slowly several times. They are actually using the same breathing they would normally use in meditation. So they are meditating with poison.