Moving forward from PTSD

Moving Forward from PTSD needs help.  It is much more than just cheering up or getting over it or other well meaning suggestions.  Those who struggle to cope with day to day stress you may find real help in the eBook on this page   However if you are living with severe or prolonged stress or trauma, just call me on 08 8365 9513 to book a time for a 30 minute complimentary strategy session

Developing PTSD is never your fault.  When someone is overwhelmed by stress or trauma the part  of your brain which files your memories, became overwhelmed so that  memory is NEVER stored -  it is always current.

To recover: 2 things must happen:

• Your body has to somehow know that ‘it’s over’.
• Your unconscious mind must feel empowered so that events do not overwhelm you

This process achieves ‘release’ from the flight, fright, freeze response so that clients  return to Calm.  They also regain their own feelings of self value along with personal power and control.  Sometimes for the first time in their lives, when dealing with childhood trauma.

A trauma survivor remains in fear, flight, freeze mode and their anxiety levels merely bounce up and down day to day while most people remain calm and return to calm rapidly after a stressful event.Changing the underlying core beliefs / programs in the first step of the process allows the changes created to stay firmly in place and not be re-written by the all-powerful subconscious mind.

Simply call me on 08 8365 9513 to book a time for a 30 minute complimentary strategy session for me to get a better idea of what you want and also so we can find whether we can work together.  Then you can feel confident to get started and discover freedom and a wonderful new life.You are NOT locked in to your past.