What in the world are we all doing?

I was at a wonderful Her Business Conference on zoom all day yesterday. There were around 400 very interesting women and a box of carefully wrapped items to be unwrapped during the day.

A major theme running through the day was “what is my purpose”. That is something that has been in my mind for a while as I look at a future with Covid. I’m not afraid of it because I am very healthy and had my second vaccination in June.

So, what is my purpose? Do I still pursue this in the current situation?
The answer is a resounding YES!

My ambition was to be a doctor but my father vetoed this and my training was in medical science and focusing on neurophysiology. Life and family happened, and I ended up teaching Year 11 and 12 Biology for many years. Until I became too stressed to continue doing a job that I never wanted but allowed me to work full time in pre-childcare days.

I retrained in more biology… marine microbiology until I got dragged into helping my husband run a computer business… Yikes, even more stress!

We had major family issues, I divorced my husband and around the same time I became a management systems consultant, working in every state of Australia and on a plane to somewhere every week for 6 years.

Then my body let me know that none of this was sustainable. I got breast cancer, stopped and re-evaluated what was important. I went back to my initial love of neurophysiology. I did lots more training in this area, ending up as a clinical hypnotherapist which I love. I also ended up with a heap of credit card debt to pay for the training but where there is a will there is a way.

I found my purpose. It was not far from my original desire to be a doctor and spending my childhood rescuing and helping animals.

I suffered trauma as a child and lived with PTSD for most of my life. Then I discovered how to heal this and to let those deep memories go.

My purpose is to help people access and resolve their deep stressful and traumatic memories so that they become the stronger and wiser people they were meant to be.

Life is always a balancing act. We need to be aware of what is happening around us so that we can manage risks sensibly. At the same time, we need to turn OFF the news and negative input.

All the current fear and negativity seeps into our souls and becomes toxic.

This has never been more important than right now in 2021. Politicians, bureaucrats, social media, and the press are deliberately winding up fear to control people. Then they worry… or not… about people getting depressed and angry.
Ongoing stress, pressure or fear overwhelms the part of your brain that catalogues memories before they are stored. Those memories are not stored but remain as feelings in your body, scattered and able to be easily triggered.

So many people have coped over the years with things that overwhelmed them, and the present ongoing unpredictability and isolation are triggering those past issues. Then the deliberately engendered fear from the media can just be one step too far.

Just turn them off.

Keep in touch enough to know what is going on, then turn it off!

If you need help, and want to let your past issues go, gently and quickly just get in touch with me. I do offer a free consultation if you are unsure and want to ask questions.
My very kindest regards