Learn to love your stomach

You need to learn to love your stomach. Your poor stomach is probably the most abused part of your body. It is a small j shaped bag of muscle, lined with digestive glands. At each end there is a tight ring of muscle that closed the bag off; it's called a sphincter.

Once you have some food in your stomach, the sphincters’ close. The glands release digestive juices including acid, and the bag begins to churn, like a blender, turning the food and digestive juices into a soup-like consistency before it passes through into the small intestine for full digestion and absorption of the nutrients.

Just think about the size of your stomach. It only comfortably holds as much food as you can fit in the palm of your hand.

When you overfill it, two things happen. The stomach is stretched and becomes soft like an over inflated balloon, and the other thing is that the pyloric or entry sphincter, gets stretched and doesn’t close properly allowing food, including acid, back into your oesophagus causing heartburn.

The way to stop heartburn is simply to eat smaller portions. It makes no sense to swallow pills that inhibit the acid that helps your food digest. That just makes digestion harder.

Learn to love your stomach, look at the size of your meal and back at the palm of your hand… will it fit? Will your stomach be happy?

This does two things. You get a much happier digestive system and when you eat less each meal time, you begin the lose weight.