What is Hypnotherapy Really About?

People come to see me with all manner of problems and of course quit smoking with hypnosis is one of the most common and I have helped close to 700 people to quit, usually in only one session.. Even though the particular habit or behaviour started years earlier, sometimes there is an underlying reason why you have not been able to change it.

The failure to change is often about something completely different and changing the habit can be one stress too many for some.

It makes sense to look at this because on many occasions removing the underlying cause first, makes changing the habit easier and more permanent.

We all have stuff happening in our lives… some people get a lot more than others; some have stuff that is simply horrendous and in both these cases they remain in a highly stressed fight, flight or freeze state for years which affects their ongoing relationships, their work and their health and this excessive stress needs to be removed so that the person feels in control again.

The problem is that when the part of the brain that stores memories becomes overwhelmed, some of those memories do not get stored, instead, they remain current.

Friends and family typically find this difficult because they are unable to understand why the affected person can’t let the thing go. They don’t understand that the affected person’s body considers the threat, fear or guilt to still be current and it is not something they can consciously let go of.

If you know people who would benefit from either quitting smoking or anxiety please suggest that they call me. I can help severe anxiety and long-term problems in around 4 sessions plus a follow up after 2-3 months. Plus I have a low cost $59 per month, option for quitting anxiety.