Shedding unwanted body fat

Shedding unwanted body fat is as simple as calories in versus calories out. Put less in and get more going out.

It seems logical and that's why it's become part of dieting law.

But the truth is it's a myth.

The problem with the calories in calories out philosophy is that all calories aren't equal.

That is a carb calorie is different to a protein calorie which is different to a fat calorie.

Carb calories affect the body differently to protein and fat calories.

Protein and fat don't cause the body to release insulin (your fat making and fat storing hormone). So you can eat protein and fat without turning off fat burning.

Whereas when you eat carb calories, even if it's only a little, it still puts you in a fat making zone. So even if your calories are low, if they are coming from carbs it still blocks fat burning and weight loss.

But it's not only the insulin effect that differs between calorie types.

How efficiently you extract energy from carbs, fats and proteins differs as well.

Unfortunately for your weight humans extract energy from carbs very efficiently, at about 92%.

With protein and fats we extract only about 72% of the energy from the food.

What this means is your body uses very little of it's own energy to turn a carbohydrate into energy.

However your body has to use much more of it's own energy to get the energy out of fats and proteins.

Now if that's confused you let me put it this way.

If you ate two meals of equal calorie value. A carb meal and a protein and fat meal. The carb meal would have the net effect of you having eaten an extra 20% of the protein and fat meal.

Amazing, hey!

So with spring here and your thoughts probably turning to the need to look good in your dresses, skirts or shorts then what you choose to eat is going to have a big influence on your figure.
Energy in equals energy out is a myth