Diets do NOT work long term…

Just Imagine … being the weight you want and keeping that weight!

Diets do not work long term. Hypnosis has reinvented weight loss!

• You don't just lose weight, you keep the weight off.
• You leave those yo-yo diets behind.
• You learn to easily push past those plateaus and calm those cravings without starving or stressing out.
• You feel really good in your clothes and happy wearing bathers.
Changing your unconscious mind and getting rid of the background problems that block you is my especial expertise with the choice of three approaches to your weight loss:
• Relax and Lose Weight is a 7 module program that gives you the behaviour changes to change your old unconscious beliefs and finally stick to your plan… and it is your plan.
• Or 5 hypnotherapy sessions either in clinic or on Zoom which also provides full access to the "Relax and Lose Weight" program.
• A third alternative is Relax and Lose Weight plus a face to face session.

Diets make your body feel as though it is being starved so that you turn on your inbuilt hormonal response to protect you from starvation and you put all that weight back on again and some more.

Weight management is more complicated than energy in and energy out… your unconscious beliefs are in control.
Look at your weight history and what was happening around the time you put on weight first. This can help you understand WHY you are insulating yourself from the world. Or if you have had weight problems all your life, what was happening in your early childhood? Weight is very closely tied to stress and anxiety levels.

Your unconscious mind’s job is to keep you safe and it does not understand the subtleties of modern life. It keeps you safe from cold, starvation and other stress… by insulating you with a nice thick protective layer of fat.

Clinical research has shown that hypnosis increased weight loss by an average of 97% during treatment; and increased the effectiveness of the post treatment plan by 146%. (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 1996).