How much happiness do you choose?

WE all want to be happy, and the simple fact is that there is no way to be happy. There is no program nor pill. Simply choosing to be happy is the way.

We can choose what to give our energy and our attention to. We can choose to think often about things and people that make us sad, or angry, or we can choose to move on.

I have had some horrendous things that have happened in my past life but right now I choose to look out of the window behind my desk, soak up the warm sun and enjoy the view outside my window.

Most of us have a habit of focusing on what is not working.

I had an interesting example of this in my life recently. I paid someone to give me a new website. I absolutely love the fresh new design, but I was very frustrated that behind the pretty front, it did not do what I asked for. It is clunky and hard to use.

Ok, that really upset me for a short while but now I am grateful for the lovely design. I’m so glad I do not have to go on working with someone who had a different aim for my site than I did. I am now getting someone else to sort out the background problems so that I can get on with my life and my business.

The thing is that with practice you can shift your focus towards what makes you happy.

So what makes you happy today? Write a list and think about the positive things.