Anxiety is not an Attitude

Anxiety is not an attitude. If you, or any one you know is experiencing anxiety, stress, depression or trauma, it is absolutely not an attitude. You can’t just “snap out of it”. It is NOT conscious and may not even be verbalised. Anxiety is held in your body as feelings.

It is a response by your sympathetic nervous system to being overwhelmed and triggering the fight, flight, freeze response.

The cause may be a single event or a trauma, it may be years of overwork, perhaps it was a childhood or a relationship that was full of abuse or perhaps feelings of abandonment. 

Whatever the cause and often it is an accumulation of many, it is something that can and should be helped. You do not need to constantly be on alert, on edge, mind racing, wondering what is happening next…

I safely and gently use hypnosis to help you to deal with the problem at a deep level where you access your unconscious mind so that you are able to shut down that “Fight, Flight, Freeze” state,.

Unlike the more common Cognitive Therapy, you are not revisiting your problems consciously nor re-traumatising. You let your busy logical mind drift and work on your two major needs:

• It is over – that was in the past and I can let it go now
• You are safe, you can return to calm.

Hypnosis allows you to do this simply, safely and fast – it generally takes around 3-4 weeks and I follow clients up after 3 months to check how they are going.

I see clients become years younger while they sit in the chair beside me, I see the sigh of relief, and the huge smile when they know it is over. It is in the past. There is no more need to be anxious.

Anxiety is definitely not an attitude and the treatment is completely liberating.

Even people with full-blown PTSD can return to calm in only 3-4 weeks using hypnosis.

If you or people you know or love exist with anxiety, depression or PTSD get them to come and see me. And I said exist because PTSD, anxiety and depression is just existing not living. It needs to be fixed and I can help.