Well, that was interesting

Yesterday I was the speaker at a Probus Club meeting. Due to Covid rules the venue was changed from their usual hall to a Salvation Army meeting hall or church and my beautiful PowerPoint Presentation couldn’t be used.

OK I had to adlib which worked fine… thankfully and the talk went well, the group was lovely to talk to.

The theme was “What are we doing in this crazy world? Finding our purpose” and because I gave some carefully anonymous client stories about how people can recover from trauma and abuse; the discussion included the Women’s Summit in Canberra this week and the anger turned on our Prime Minister by Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins.

These two girls have every right to be angry. Anger is a natural protective emotion to protect their vulnerable and hurt selves but…

…Without being in anyway political, that anger should have been directed at their abusers, NOT the Prime Minister. For goodness’ sake, he did not rape them! He is in fact, trying to help.

I told a story about a woman who came to me very overweight, diabetic and massively anxious. Under hypnosis she decided to put all of them in a box, then in her words she “kicked and punched the hell out of them” then blew the bits away. She certainly did! She was in my big chair with her feet up and she kicked punched and swore loudly. The opened her eyes to tell me she felt really good.

Long term it made a huge difference to her, she lost weight, was no longer diabetic and totally changed her life.

The thing is that our brain cannot tell the difference between reality and what you strongly imaging with emotion. Just think about how athlete does this before big events. A classic is a rugby player visualising the kick to convert a try. That ball went through the posts in his mind long before his foot even moved.

Anger is a natural protective emotion but if it is too frequent and/or wrongly directed please come and get help.
Also If you know people who are looking for an interesting speaker I’d appreciate a recommendation.

Have you ever been to the rain forest in Queensland and seen a strangler fig?

A bird drops a fig seed into the top of a tree and the fig starts to grow… with its roots gradually enveloping the living tree and living off it as a parasite. Eventually the fig roots reach the ground and the original tree is fully surrounded and gradually dies.

Sometimes our thoughts, and emotions are like this strangler fig.

The problems start with something that may be quite small and end up totally enveloping you. Things like anger, depression, anxiety, pain can envelop and overwhelm you until your real self is almost dead inside.

The thing is to step away from this… start to observe your thoughts and feelings and see them as just thoughts that are enveloping you. These are not anything real and substantial – only thoughts!

Avoid getting caught up in dramas – again they can be stepped away from.

You can start to become aware of these thoughts and dramas yourself and step away, but if they are too overwhelming give me a call on 1300 88 3646 because I can help you.

Anxiety, stress and anger are like poison for your body. When you are stressed every cell in your body is stressed and your cells do not thrive and stay healthy under those conditions.

When your body is stressed it wants to turn on whatever has upset it and if this is not possible your body turns on itself, causing illnesses like autoimmune disease and cancer.

Some things that happen to people either as children or as adults result in them always being more stressed than others and more reactive to situations so that they cling to their comfort which may be smoking, alcohol becoming unable to go out easily or some other response to relieve their stress.

The important thing is to get rid of that stress by “defusing” the situation/s that caused it and this can be done very safely and easily with hypnosis. The process is life changing. The way people transform is wonderful.

There are things that block smokers from quitting and while some can quit cold turkey relatively easily, others find it extremely difficult.

The trick is to sort out why. What part of your mind needs to cling to smoking? Often it is about coping with stress so we need to sort out how to reduce that and get you back to calm.