Death on Christmas Day… please quit sooner rather than later.

Even though she had Quit, a lifetime of smoking had damaged her lungs and she was asthmatic. On Christmas Day her son hosted their family Christmas at his home at Cudlee Creek in the Adelaide Hills. The air was still smoke affected from the recent fires, so she had taken the precaution of taking prednisolone tablets and had her puffer and a nebulizer with her. She died trying to get the childproof lid off the Ventolin to put into the nebulizer.

Just stop and imagine your family if this was you! Your kids or your partner watching you go blue in the face and stop breathing. That is what happened to one of my very best friends. The grief is horrendous! I feel as though I have a huge hole in my heart. Her kids and her granddaughters are feeling totally lost.

Please just get on and Quit if you are a smoker. It is just a habit and it can be changed. I have helped well over 600 people to quit now and the sooner you do it the better. Don’t put another family though this.