Stress and Trauma Retain Negative Energy in Your Body

Category: |  Date: March 28, 2021

Whenever you receive abuse, bullying, accidents, continual pressure either at home or work or any other stress or trauma, this negative energy is retained in your body.

If it is not released it builds up throughout all the cells of your body as anger, anxiety, etc and often turns inward harming your health… even killing you over time.

Thinking about a problem and going over it again and again does not communicate with those buried memories in the cells of your body so that it is not over and for some people mindfulness can be quite damaging as it can retraumatise.

Dealing with the original feelings and the hurt safely in my trauma therapy process is the secret to healing stress, anger, anxiety, trauma and PTSD. Your body must know that the event is over and you have been empowered then it is safe to return to calm.

Jean Cannon is  registered with Private Health Funds as a Provider for consultations to relieve stress, anxiety, PTSD, other hypnotherapy treatment.

Heal the stress and this lets your body heal itself.

As well as being a trained trauma therapist, I deeply understand the problem having recovered from long standing complex PTSD myself.

You have 3 choices:

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♣ Escape from Anxiety Online program PLUS one face to face session either in clinic or online $250 for the additional session
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