Paul's Story

A fireman, I’ll call Paul, came to see me to quit smoking then he asked if I could help him with a problem he had developed in the last few year.  He became overcome with panic when he was in a crowd, and waiting in a queue at a supermarket checkout registered as a crowd.  This became a big problem

I asked him to think back to what else might have happened around the time this panic started.  OK, he was a firefighter and was caught in a cramped space in a burn-over during a bushfire.  He has supposedly been treated by this at work but had to give up work because of the frequency of the panic.  A cramped space surrounded by fire is a definite trauma and it had not been treated effectively by the workplace councillor.  He recovered in a single session when I treated him using hypnosis and he has not needed any more help, and is now back at work.