Ingrid's Story

Ingrid came to me feeling anxious, panicked and drinking heavily. She wanted to be able to “relax her brain”, to feel happier and more confident and have good relationships with her kids. She was divorced and distressed because her kids wanted to spend time with their father not her. This was a major motivation in seeking help.

Her mother married an immigrant from Northern Europe and although they were very much in love, her maternal grandparents never wanted the marriage to happen and eventually they broke up the marriage and took their daughter and her two children around 400 kms away from the husband to live on their farm.

Ingrid’s mother was deeply distressed and after a few years she suicided in a rather gruesome way. The grandparents then brought up Ingrid and her sister. Neither of the 2 children was allowed any contact with their father and they were told that he was a very bad man.

From age 11 Ingrid was repeatedly raped by her uncle who continued to live nearby and be a regular part of her life.

In her 20s Ingrid married and had two children. Then at age 60 her own marriage broke down and her kids were closer to their father. Around age 40 she managed to track down her father who was living in Melbourne. She found a very pleasant man and developed a good relationship with him before he died. He had never remarried, and his house was full of photos of Ingrid and her sister as small children. He enjoyed adding the adult photos and meeting his Grandchildren. She had problems re losing first her father, then her mother plus the rapes and the bad marriage and divorce.

She no longer has anxiety or panic attacks. She seldom drinks alcohol and has good relationships with her children and stays with them when she comes to Adelaide. If something unpleasant comes up in her life now she thinks about the sunshine that she carries in her heart.