Carol's Story

Carol came to me for help with her anxiety.  She had two major traumas in her life.  Both were the result of naivety.  

The first was when she visited an Asian holiday resort on the first stage of a world trip when she was in her early 20s. She was befriended by some locals who showed her great warmth and kindness until she visited them when she was kidnapped and seriously scammed.  She was forced to go to the bank with them and empty every thing in her bank account and her credit cards.  Then they dumped her off.  She was lucky, her family came to her financial rescue and she safety continued her trip... just a little wiser but deeply ashamed that she had fallen for this.

Her second trauma was in business. She bought a successful business that she already worked in.  Shortly after, the major client, a government instrumentality changed its rules cutting her new business down to around a quarter. She still had all the employees and as a new busines owner needed to learn about the painful process of letting staff go.

The combination of these left her anxious and ashamed so those were the feelings that needed to be dealt with.  The anxiety cause by the two traumas was first, then we were left with shame and she was able to simply let it go while in a deep trance.

It is always a wonderful sense of joy and relief for me as well as for the clients when I am able to help them make these changes without the need to go back over things with a cognitive approach.

Cognitive therapy uses the conscious mind and it does not allow those feelings that are stored in the body, not the brain, to be properly stored. Traumatic memories are never forgotten but my job is to remove the pain so that they just become historical fact. 

Business trauma is just as significant as fire, accidents, illness etc. This is not always recognised but running a small to medium business, especially over the past 2 years is highly traumatic.