Belinda's Story

Belinda is now happy well balanced woman in astable relationship with a job she enjoysalthough she came to me in fear of her life. Her parents split up but at 15 her mother rejected her, so she moved in with Dad until at 16 she moved in with a boyfriend.  She was beaten and rejected when she was pregnant because she no longer looked attractive as the baby grew.  She was a single Mum, had several more babies and domestic violence. In her 20s she was stalked by a past partner.

When she came to see me, she had totally lacked feelings of self-worth and stability. She was working to support her 4 children while constantly fearing rejection and feeling deep anxiety.  She suffered a home invasion and was raped by the invader.

When she first came to me, she was in fear of her life because of violent threats by the boyfriend of a daughter who lived with her. The daughter was too frightened of the boyfriend to report him to the police. What a mess.

Belinda is now a happy confident person.  She was totally transformed by the hypnotic process and is now in a very stable relationship with a man she loves. Her daughter is now safe, living in sheltered housing and has recovered from the traumas.